Saturday, May 11, 2019

Human rights among the dominican republic and haitian border Research Paper

Human rights among the dominican democracy and haitian border - Research Paper frameworkImmigration has been a common practice within the human cultures where people move from and into another(prenominal) countries on such grounds as search of employment, as refugees or foundation seekers or even for trade. This has been testify by the frameworks that have been crafted within government structures of different countries to deal with the feature. Governments acknow leadge that on that point exists immigration into or out of these countries either legally or even illegally and thus the need for regulatory frameworks. However, there be world-wide human rights that influence government decisions surrounding immigration and which are generally judge within the international context. Nevertheless, every nation has her foreign policies as decisions that point to the future on accounts of other nations as against her internal decisions. By taking interest in the theme of violations of human rights on the borders of these countries, the summary revolves around understanding the genesis and factors that contribute to the vices. The study intends to put into perspectives the influence of international legislations that govern the rights of the refugees and asylum seekers as well as the internal concerns about the security of the countries due to the influx of refugees and asylum seekers. Moreover, the newspaper will address the rising concerns of the infringement of the human rights of the immigrants as they are subjected into the compulsory detentions against the provisions of the international human rights frameworks for immigrants.... a) Trade rivalry, differences in cultures, race as well as the skill complexion led to the rise in conflicts along the borders between the nations. b) Population pressure and poverty has been the major cause of Haitian to migrate into Dominican Republic. c) The two governments have been slow to address the violations to human rights. d) International community, through such bodies as the UN and UNHCR are slowly taking up the roe to address the violations in Dominican Republic. Chapter 2 Literature review In an analysis of the increased violation of human rights by the Dominicans towards the Haitians a along the border, Cloud noted that migration of persons from Haiti have been gradual and at alarming rates in the past. Harsh stinting times, poverty as well as overpopulation result to too much pressure within the republic of Haiti making the majority of the Haitians to consider crossing over towards the neighboring country of Dominica where the prospects of better living are seen. This informs the concerns on social political stability of the country together with the likelihood of population pressure festering in the Dominican Republic. Moreover, the politicians express concern over exhaustion of the local resources through over ontogenesis by the overpopulation caused by the immigration from Haiti. Mi streatment of the Haitians has therefore been a common thing as informed by racial discrimination and the intention to have the migration into the Dominican Republic discouraged (Cloud, 58-59). Prejudice on racial grounds is a deep-rooted problem within the Dominican Republic where the light-skinned Dominicans perceive the tenebrious skinned Haitians as uncivilized and inferior hence the

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